With job scenario around the world, changing so very often and economies across the globe becoming so interdependent on each other it has become impossible to shield oneself from the negative impact that could catapult from one small/big development far across the globe.

Today there is a serious need of taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for all that happens around in one’s life. A scary trend is sitting on a volcano and waiting for it to burst and then blaming that it was not in our hand. At least we can notice it on time and take necessary steps to avoid getting into trouble.

On the positive side, this crazy situation does give us a chance to go back to the OLD school of thought which said ‘Look Within’ and also ‘We are the creators of our own life’. So let’s stop wasting our energies in blaming others and start a life with a responsibility that ‘I am responsible for all’ and so move forward and change your life.

Purpose…so what’s yours? is a Personal Development and Leadership Skills Training initiative where the sole idea is to make you look within and help you work on your strengths and weaknesses to create a life of our own choice, a life of your dreams.

We identify & understand human needs and value. Our training is based on whole-human approach and hence the results are long lasting.


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