Comfort = Danger

Let me ask you a few questions:
Q. Do you feel comfortable in your present company/organization?
Q. Your feeling of comfort, does this mean that you do want to do something different, but you are scared that new environment and circumstances may not be suitable for you?
Q. Do you think that at least in the present company people know you and they have become insulated to your mistakes and you share a certain level of comfort with them?

Story of Comfort
If your answer to this is yes, let me tell you my story – I was in the same situation not so long ago. I was comfortable with my shift timings, I was comfortable with the friends/colleagues I had at work, I was comfortable with the managers I used to work with, I was comfortable with the work culture of my organization, I was comfortable with the regular salary coming into my account; but despite all this, I was not thrilled, I was not alive… I was just comfortable. One of the most common and regular topic of discussion amongst us was how the company doesn’t raise the pay, how they pay more to new employees joining at the same level as us and a lot of other cribbing stuff which I think is common among all employees everywhere. I stayed in the organization for a few years despite all this almost assuming this is a part of daily routine wherever you go.

Comfort = Danger
But then one day I reached my pain threshold and left my organization and said to myself let me see what am I worth. This is when the realization struck me hard and real hard. All these years of comfort had given me only one gift – it had made me not wanting to learn anything, it had made me afraid to try out new stuff; to sum it up – it had moulded me perfectly to fit into the frame of the organization I was working with and bad enough that I was not suitable for anything new and challenging. All the comfort that I enjoyed was the contributor to the greatest pain that I was going to face now.

I really had to break the hard shell that had formed due to the comfort that I enjoyed in my organization. It was like trying to climb a steep hill.

I had burnt all my boats when I left the organization because that was the only way out of the dangerous addiction of comfort. It was not easy, but that is what I thought the was best way out of it.

Today when I set out to work, I remind myself every time, every day, every moment that I will take money for what I am worth and trust me this makes me feel alive, feel thrilled. Somewhere deep within this feels very right to me and I enjoy it. Probably, when I was working, deep within I knew that I had accepted comfort at the cost of checking or having a look at my personal worth. May be I was scared to look at it, because I was not doing anything to improve myself, to empower myself. This was the red-flag that was very much there but I had knowingly ignored.

Today, when I am working with businessmen & people from colleges & corporates I know how important it is to be paid for what you are worth. It’s not that anyone would pay you more than what you are worth but sometimes when you let the ghost of comfort surround yourself, your growth stops. There is nothing like no growth. Actually no growth means you are swiftly and inadvertently shrinking. And that means danger ahead.

When you climb the ladder of success, you will find that its your strong personality and leadership traits that makes the difference. In fact, they are imperative. It’s what many call the X-factor, the edge. If you want it tomorrow; you will have to start working on it today. If you start working today, you will find yourself working on higher challenges. You will be surprised to find the sheer potential that you have.

So, start working on it today. It will only lead to an amazing journey tomorrow. We are conducting Personality Development Workshop in JP Nagar. We call it a Process. Process, because you can feel it’s effect long after the workshop is over. I have personally seen the changes in people after this program. The workshop will be held on 20th and 27th of March, 2011 in JP Nagar. For details of training see the posts below.

Book your seats now and we will start working on it together. For registration you can call – 09740835922

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