Avoid the trap of money


Sounds impractical, isn’t it. Maybe we need to redefine ‘practical’. This is true in our lives. Many generations of people have got stuck in this trap and fallen prey to it, but you should not. Industrial revolution  is over and the realization that all that worked for machines is not going to work for us and that’s just because we are much more than machines. You can design a machine to obtain a certain result or program a software to give you fixed results and it can do it with precision for ages to come, but you cannot do so with humans. Humans will ask questions on the way, unlike the machines. Humans will feel good or bad about certain things as time rolls on, unlike machines.So, there has to be a different approach adopted for humans to achieve fabulous results.

If you want to achieve success and fulfillment, you need to start a work not only because it gives good money but you need to start something that gives you good feel. You should be doing something that is your passion. This feel good will grow everyday and recharge your batteries all along the way to make you overcome all the hurdles. On the other hand, if you choose something with loads of money but does not make you feel good, it will act against you. Don’t start your career with money as the sole reason for you making a certain choice of career, be prudent choose something you like, but also be careful and dedicate your life towards doing a fab job in your chosen passion.


Have a lovely life…
Best Wishes…



~ by Harsh Bhushan on January 14, 2011.

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