Try this… it worked for me… Creative Mind…


Hi, today I am going to share something incredible that I experienced in the last half and hour. It is amazing and I must confess I am finding it unbelievable. I recommend you try this. Here is what happened.

I was sitting in the comfort of my room and was listening to some of the motivational stuff. After some time I started feeling really charged up. I could feel a rush of positive energy within. Suddenly I thought let’s check how this rush of energy can be related to the power of creative mind, the principle that what we feel is what we create. If you are feeling good, you attract positivity and if you are feeling down and sad then that is what you will attract.

To check this, I used tarot reading cards and said if I am feeling good or rather delighted, I should be drawing some powerful cards at this moment. In quick time I pulled out about 30 tarot cards one by one and guess what, none of the cards were negative. All the cards were powerfully positive. Something that was quite amazing.

If pulling certain tarot cards was a matter of chance; then the consistency with which I pulled up all positive cards cannot be explained by the theory of randomness.

I am quite surprised, if a sudden rush of positivity can have such an immediate & powerful impact on our environment, imagine what will happen if we are able to keep the same energy for a longer period of time.

Try this…

Explore your power within and have fun…

God Bless…



~ by Harsh Bhushan on January 12, 2011.

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