Success Formula

If you want to lead a good life, the simplest and the most important way to do so is to find out the purpose of your life. Find the goal of your life. Find out what is one thing that you want to do. It is important that you focus on what you want to do and not what you want to get. Because you ‘get’ only when you ‘do’. It’s always give and take and never take and give. So find out what is one thing that you would love to ‘contribute’. Find out about your ‘belief system’, find your ‘values’. This is because you will be able to consistently work on something for a long period only if it is in accordance with your ‘value system’ or ‘belief’.All of us have ‘values’, even criminals do, but for you to live a good life your ‘values’ should be based on natural principals of trust, kindness, mutual understanding, respect, abundance mentality etc. Your ‘values’ or ‘belief system’ guides your thoughts, thoughts in turn initiate an action, consistent action over a long period of time gives results. If you can map your purpose of life or goals to your thoughts and your daily activity you have got the recipe of extraordinary success.

Find and correct your ‘value system’ based on natural principals – This will take care of your thoughts
Based on what you believe in i.e. you ‘value system’ or your ‘belief’ find a work or area where you would like to ‘contribute’
Daily map your ‘work/activity’ with the ‘goals’ that you desire to achieve

Best Wishes…


~ by Harsh Bhushan on November 17, 2010.

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