Define your idea of Success

Most of us associate success with money, with wealth and immediately jump-start like crazy to pursue this idea of success. This is why masses LACK the passion for the work they do. It’s like as if someone has asked you a question and you just want to get the answer before anyone else does be it by hook or crook. If you do get the answer you still do not LEARN which is so important for a lasting success & emotional & mental health.

Before you do anything, it is always important to know what do you want to do. Success is different for each one of us. Before you understand what success and successful life means to you, if you start running you may be running behind a myth. It’s always better to take some time off this crazy rat race and calm down and think and jot down what is success to you. People lose a race not because they do not have what it takes to be successful but they lose it because they are running on the wrong track, in the wrong event.

Here is what you should do:
Write down what kind of life do you want?
See what kind of work can give you this kind of life?
Ask people who know you well if you have the skill to be there?
Talk to everyone about your dream/goal. This will give you a lot of knowledge and will also keep the focus on your goals.
Everyday keep about 30 – 60 minutes for yourself when you contemplate and check where you are heading

Best Wishes…


~ by Harsh Bhushan on September 12, 2010.

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