Transformation happens in that single moment but it may take weeks, months or years for you to reach that single moment.

Focus all your attention on – the kind of spouse you want, the kind of job you want, the kind of life you want and work on it like crazy to bring that moment of Transformation as close to you as possible.

Get the best tools, design the best strategies, go back and keep checking your strategies every now and then to see if it is taking you any closer to your desired goals, change it if you think you have a better one which can take you there faster, try it and don’t hesitate to take the help of someone who you trust.

Put all your energy into it. Be more passionate about your goals than anyone you come across in your life and you are already on the way. You should not have time to think about failure. Throw this idea out of your life. You will succeed because you have not given the thought of failure cross your mind. When the thought did not come how can it manifest itself into reality. That’s how it works, isn’t it.

You have already won if you have done all this as you surely are relishing every moment of your life. The biggest factors that makes us happy are productivity and creativity. A happy person is also the most loved person. Trust me, you have already become a person who all will love if you are living this way. Also happiness and enjoyment are the only dosages of daily motivation that can push you towards your dream life. If you are not enjoying you will never reach there; even if you do you will not enjoy to be there.

Best Wishes…
Harsh Bhushan


~ by Harsh Bhushan on June 6, 2010.

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