Why do we do what we do?

Good question, isn’t it?
No, I am not saying this because I do not know the answer. I am saying this because I think if we ask this question a lot more times it will take us WHERE WE WANT TO GO. So, this is how it works – ask this question to yourself day-to-day, everyday for good number of days or for the rest of your life, if possible. How will it take you to your goals? If this is what you thinking, then let me explain this to you.

I am sure you have heard this – questions can do wonders. But when I was told this I did not ask a question to the person who told this to me. Probably that is why wonders did not happen to me then. So what should have been my next question – How? How can questions do wonders?

Here is one way of doing wonders. How about you asking yourself this question – Why am I doing this? – and asking this question every time when you are doing some work. Answering this question will bring the purpose out in whatever work you are doing. If you are doing something that is just not taking you anywhere closer to your goals; you will stop doing that. You will become more AWARE of what you are doing and how is it helping you. You will do more things that are PURPOSEFUL. Your life will have purpose and more focus. Your journey towards your goals have already started with you asking yourself one simple question. By the way, this internal communication is very fruitful.

Lots of Luck & Lead A Purposeful Life…
Harsh Bhushan
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~ by Harsh Bhushan on May 4, 2010.

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