Communication Skill – Hurt or Heal

When two people talk it is communication of mind or so to say its meeting of minds. When they are trying to understand each other, like what are you trying to say, why are you saying this i.e. in what context something is said. However, when two individuals talk what goes unnoticed is that somehow unconsciously communication happens at a deeper level; and this is about all necessary, personal and business communication. At this level it is a communication of hearts. This is why you feel hurt, betrayed, resentful etc even in some of the less important communication.

Why are we talking about this? This is because we all want to live in a beautiful world and with our communication skills we create this world that we have around us. Trust me, physically we all live in the same world but if you go deeper every person walking on the street carries his own world in his/her thoughts. This is precisely why two people can have completely opposite emotions in the same physical place.

How do we create our world with our communication skills? Look at this – every time you speak you throw an arrow towards the other person, now this arrow could be piercing or can have a flower attached at the end of it and it is always directed towards the person you speak to. Somehow such is the nature of things that whichever arrow you throw; same comes back to you. Your choice is which one do you use. The piercing one that hurts or the one with flower at the end that heals.

Hey, this sounds very simple; well, it is not really and why should something that is going to pay you back so immensely be simple. It is difficult because at times you will have to hold back your anger which we are so used to letting out at the slightest provocation. At times, we will have to FOLLOW-UP on what we assured and yes following up is not easy, saying may be. Always  remember saying something is half work done and when you follow-up you finish the work.

So next time you go and talk to someone do this – ask what is the purpose. If you think you are going to add any value to his/her life then please do it. If you think you are going to make the situation worse, then please hold back. Remember whatever you do to other does tend to come back to you in a mysterious way. So your choice – Hurt or Heal.

Best Wishes…
Enjoy Relating
Harsh Bhushan
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~ by Harsh Bhushan on April 22, 2010.

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