Time To Quit

People plan a too many things about career and job, however, some people do not understand the importance of planning when should they leave their job. They stick too long and that’s not because of loyalty but that’s lack of clarity of direction. I will be honest, it neither serves the company nor does it serve the employee well, and why should it reap positive result, I don’t think anything that comes up because of lack of clarity can ever give you a positive result. Fundamental law of nature. This is what people distort and say – loyalty does not pay.

Here I present to you two instances when you should seriously think of quitting or …hey let me be frank you should not think of quitting but you should quit.

You have outgrown the role – I would rather say when you plan your career always look at each job as a stepping stone. You get to a position, a role but also after you reach there you still keep growing, learning new skills isn’t it. Now it is very much possible that you are ready for a bigger role than the one at hand but the company doesn’t have enough place to offer you the next level of role. Now in such circumstances you should immediately start looking out for a better opportunity outside and should not work in the present role for long. This is primarily because you won’t do justice to yourself or the job at hand. When the bar is set too low that just doesn’t motivate us, ask any athlete.

Your Only Motivation Is Money – When you do a reality check and find out the only motivation that you have in sticking to your company is the salary. It is quite dangerous as it does not serve you or your company well. Salary does not offer emotional connect with your company and anything we stick to for purely monetary reasons is either an obligation or compromise, neither a positive motivation. Take up a job with lesser salary (something that you can manage with) and find some time to do soul-searching, figure out what is the thing that you would love devote yourself to and then chalk out a realistic acceptable plan. This is vital if you are looking at long-term positive results both personally and professionally.

Best Wishes…
Harsh Bhushan
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~ by Harsh Bhushan on April 3, 2010.

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