Are You A Salesman… Then It’s A Problem

If you think you are a salesman then it you be in a major problem. I have interacted with so many salesmen but one strange pattern that I have noticed is that those who are doing really good as a salesman just do not consider themselves as a salesman. Some consciously… some unconsciously. You get it when you talk to them and that’s exactly what I noticed. The really good one’s talked like they are managers… relationship management i.e. they looked at building bonds with the customers not going for a kill as soon as they talk to the customer. They were able to listen to the customers more effectively, because they thought that they had not come to sell they thought they have come to find out… find out what are the needs of the customers. And also some of these were choosers they would not even try to sell their products/services to many because they felt that the customer does not need it and so they do not want to spoil their relationship by pushing something down their throat that has the potential of spoiling relationship. They value their relationship over a few bucks that they would get from one sale or a few sales. However, they always came back to these customers when they felt that they think they have something that the customers might need. And the customers listened to them because they were not threatened that they will be forced to buy what they might not need. In other words, they trusted the salesman. TRUST is such an important thing for salesman oh sorry relationship manager. And see the difference if the same customer were sold something that they did not need. You got one sale and the market dried out. However, if you did not sell one thing that the customer did not need then you build trust and above all you can count this as a repeat customer as he/she will buy many things from you in the coming time.

Quite interesting isn’t it. However, the whole story starts off with an idea, a perception and that is – Do you consider yourself as a salesman or do you consider yourself as a relationship manager or whatever you call this smart guy. This could be a thought you are conscious about or may be it is running in your head unconsciously. No matter what, it shows in your performance, isn’t it.

So what are you?

Best Wishes…
Harsh Bhushan


~ by Harsh Bhushan on April 3, 2010.

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