Cut-Throat Competetion

I am sure we are all very familiar with this phrase. Well what I am going to talk about is not how do you cope in this cut-throat competitive world but I will take a very different approach. As much as I understand these phrases do give us some sort of thrill and that could be the reason why we like it, isn’t it. But have you ever thought that do we actually need it? Do we? Why a cut-throat world. The word itself if looked into in isolation doesn’t give out any positivity. And also whose throat are we really talking, not our own kids and family and friends are we. So are we okay with cutting others throat? The question is worth pondering over.Is it about someone else’s kids, friends and family. Now there seems to be a problem. Firstly, the idea itself is just not acceptable and secondly, because if we all start thinking like this somehow the arrow will point towards our own people. Now having pointed this out, let me ask you this question, ARE YOU STILL OKAY WITH CUT-THROAT COMPETITION? Also in numerous occasions many people do take it literally & do exactly the same i.e. cut throat to win a completion. Power of ideas you see. Ideas do transform into action at some point, isn’t it.
Now lets move on and try to explore options that we have. First step as usual is to keep in mind that the world is a big stage for cut-throat competition. Now we have two options:
i)Be a part of it but then you have to understand that you will survive there by cutting throat. Also one day someone will definitely succeed in doing the same thing to you. The idea of cut-throat competition has come from the mindset which perceives everyone else as a challenge to you. This is a mindset of “lack”, a mindset that thinks that there is not enough for everyone. This is the mindset that drives us towards something where the crowd is moving by assuming that whatever is must be good & we rush to grab it before it gets over.
ii)The other option is to identify our unique purpose that we have for us. We need to understand that we have a unique purpose to serve. This can be something that we love doing. Something that is so beautiful to us that we dissolve in it when we do it. Something for which we have an uncanny flair. It is something that is so important to us that we do not feel bored no matter how many hours we spend doing it, in fact we lose track of time when we do it. These are a few signals that will help us find out our own purposes. It is important. First we need to understand that we do come with a unique purpose. How would you explain someone showing extraordinary talent in the field of art or science without any formal training for it. Nothing in this world is an accident an that’s what Zen philosophy says. Even Einstein said that “God doesn’t play dice with universe”. Even identical twins do not leave same thumb mark, the thumb mark is unique for each one of us ever born on this planet. If we understand this idea of “unique personal purpose” that we are born with we will automatically come out of cut throat world and this is the world we need to create for us and for generations to come.

Best Wishes…
Harsh Bhushan
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~ by Harsh Bhushan on April 1, 2010.

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