The Art of Selling

• You want to make quick money – Your market will dry out equally fast.
• When you get your sale and disappear – You are perceived as a selfish person, consciously or subconsciously.
• When you get your sale and disappear – It is perceived that you did not believe in your product and ran away. Consciously or subconsciously.
• When you sold something bad and stayed around the customer to listen to his complaint – Difficult but well done. Try and compensate the customer. You do not become great, you did the obvious, but at least you did not run away. Perception you see.
• You want to be very good salesman – Treat each customer as a treasured customer who will come to you again and again… may be for different needs… who knows.
• You want to earn fortune in sales – Treat each customer as a human being and try to fulfill his need. You need to grow, remember the very intention to fulfill human need of the customer will compel you to grow as a salesman as a person who will start looking for avenues to provide to the customer what they need. But that’s how you grow.
• If you are bad at sales – You are trying to fulfill your need and not that of the customer’s. A sin in this profession.
• You want to excel in sales – Learn to EXCEL IN BUILDING RELATIONSHIP with your customers… each one of them. One customer with bad experience needs to be treated like a king not because he/she needs it but because you cannot, just cannot afford it.

Best Wishes…


~ by Harsh Bhushan on March 23, 2010.

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