Goals with Souls

As I write this I hope I have caught all of you in good phase of your life, however, I also understand that unfortunately that may not be the case for all. It really does not matter what season of your life you are in and I sincerely believe that you will definitely find it useful, all of you.
Some of you may be in depressing time due to financial issues, relationship e.t.c. or may be a combination of some of these. You may not be able to see an end to this. Some of you may be facing those nagging challenges that you surely can overcome but just that it slows down your success ride. And also some of you the LUCKY ONE’S who are having a blast and all the things seem to fall in place. Well you may need when the season changes for you and it always does isn’t it, apply what you are going to learn today to bring back this good time back for you quickly.
This is about how do we CHANNELIZE OUR ENERGY to get the best results out of whatever situations we are caught in. We know life is such that it catches us napping quite often. Its simple 4 steps that are going to make a huge impact on your situation.
1. Accept – If there is something that is troubling you your first reaction normally is to ignore it(most of the times if it is not directly related to work). Now this is not helpful. The very fact that it is troubling you means it is something that is close to your heart. By ignoring the problem just grow bigger and will take longer to sort out when you finally try to. So accept, with the simple thought that if it troubles you it is close to your heart, it is asking for your attention. Accept. Don’t say that this is how life is and carry on dragging these issues. This acts as slow poison and takes the juice out of our lives.
2. Write – Write down those 3-5 issues that are the real challenges of the season. Clearly in a piece of paper. It should not be 3-5 in most of the cases. Writing is important as it registers things in your brain and you have a visual representation of issues, otherwise, after few hours or may be days you may have to stop and think to find out what was that issue that you wanted or decided to work on. And after sometime you may completely forget it slowly. So write it down, it hardly takes time and is worth it.
3. Channelize your energy – Now all you need to do is tell yourself that you are going to channelize your energy to resolve these issues. You can priorities based on which will need the most amount of time and energy and which will need least. With all your focus and energy work towards resolving these issues.
4. Time-frame – My experience regarding setting a time-frame has not been much different from yours. Sometimes I wonder how people come up with a certain number of days or weeks or months. Here we are going to keep it simple – Your time-frame is TILL IT IS RESOLVED. And then move on.
Remember this will help you keep your goals closer to your souls, it will help you lead a meaningful life and trust me a successful life is just a part of a MEANINGFUL LIFE.

Best Wishes…


~ by Harsh Bhushan on March 20, 2010.

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