Speak Like A Pro – Workshop On Communication Skill

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We are conducting a workshop on 1st of February, 2014. It is called “Speak Like a Professional” to help you master spoken conversation that in a very big way will decide your professional success. Here are the details:

Course Content:

  • Most critical elements of grammar that hamper our conversations.
  • Gaining Confidence to handle Interviews and HR rounds.
  • Learn the critical components of spoken conversations.
  • Take away tools that will teach you even when training is long over.

(More details in attachment)

Date – Saturday, 1st February, 2014

Time – 9:30 am to 4:30 pm (Lunch Included)

Venue – Pragyan / Talent Edge, # 2011, ANZ Pearl, II floor, 100 ft road, Indiranagar.

Landmark – Above Indigo Nation Showroom

Contact No – 8867 387 960

Contact Email Id – mahalakshmi@prayan-edu.com, shakti@pryan-edu.com

Contact Person – Miss Mahalakshmi / Miss Shakti


Training Mentality – Who Do You Care For?

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If you can constantly teach people how to do better in life; you have successfull created a huge queue of long-term if not life-long followers. That is what true leaders successfully do.


“People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.”


Most of the trainings that happens does not truly deal with issues that the people, who are being trained, are bothered about, but they deal with issues that organization is bothered about. Hence the disconnect. Can this be smartly aligned? Is there a way to create this sort of alignment? Human behavioral factors provide a solution to this. And if this can be done, real communication begins; and trainings happen only when that deep communication link is created. Our audience is always asking the basic question to trainers and their bosses, “Do you care about me or do you care about your profits?” And because they fail to get a,”Yes, we care about You,” response they are not really ‘present’ and engrossed in the training programs being offered.




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Learn sure-shot ways to enrich your PERSONAL as well as PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIPS.

Do you find it difficult to understand some people who you share close relationship with?

Do you feel CONSTANT STRESS due to this?

Do you know if you just spend some time trying to understand basic human behavior you will be able to work with even the most DIFFICULT PEOPLE around you?

Would this make SUBSTANTIAL difference in your life?

Do you know sometimes people are walking towards a POINT OF NO-RETURN in relationships, would you not like to learn something that can help you IDENTIFY something as serious as this and even EMPOWER you to take care of this?

Imagine working everyday on your most precious relationships and taking it way beyond you could otherwise imagine?

If you think this is worth spending some time on, call us today and book your place for this AMAZING program

Price Ticket (FOR 1)– 1200/- Group of 2 – 1000/- each ( Come with your partners to enjoy this journey) Group of 3 – 800/- each Early Bird – 1000/-(Before Wednesday, 15th June, 2011)

Date – 18th June, 2011

Time – 10:30 am to 5:00 pm

Venue – Sevasadan Institute, P.B. No. 3417, 1st Block Koramangala

CALL – 988 012 7986 TO REGISTER!!

Realizing Full Potential – A Personal Development Workshop

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It is 2-day comprehensive training workshop (5 hours rigorous training and practice session each day) on 12th June & 19th June, 2011.

This will include a 15-day home work plan given to you to practice. This is on the spot learning and practice session designed to give you some empowering thought and belief patterns along with giving you habit patterns that can change the way you perceive and the way you are perceived.

This workshop is a tried-and-tested model and we can say this based on the testimonial of people who have seen some amazing changes in 15 days’ time.

Training is followed by a 15-day home work plan given to hone the empowering habits learned during training. What you can expect, guaranteed, at the end of 15 days are these:

Utilizing the powerful 360-degree approach of personality building

Learn to make powerful choices to achieve massive goals

Powerful changes in personal perception of life and people

Movement from weak thinking patterns to powerful and successful thinking patterns

Deeper understanding of people behavior and tools to utilize this for personal growth & professional growth

Learning habits patterns of successful people

Multiple tools that you can use to check your personal growth regularly

Note – Only limited seats available and registration will happen on first-come-first-serve basis

For Registration you can call on 988 012 7986

Fee – INR 3,500/-

Training Date: 12th June & 19th June

Training Time: 10:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m

Address: Sevasadan Institute, P.B. No. 3417, 1st Block Koramangala

Landmark: Koramangala Water Tank

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How to Create More Money?

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 Are you a college student who has still not started earning?
 Are you new to corporate life and have recently started earning?
 Are you someone who would give your hard earned money to a bank or a financial organization rather than taking care of it yourself?
 Have you gone through any training on how to manage your finances?
 Do you know that people have less money not because they earn less or get less but because they do not have any knowledge about how to manage finances?

Do you want to know about money so that you can start today no matter where you are to design your own Financial Vehicle to take you to your desired Destination?
 No matter what is your earning (pocket money or a cheque at the end of every month) today, the power of this program will push you within a few month’s time to Create More money, isn’t this amazing?
 Lack of ‘Right Attitude Towards Money’ pushes people, even in the highest earning slab, to the extremes of financial insecurity, does this not make it extremely important for middle class to secure themselves with this knowledge?

If your answer to all the questions or to most of the questions is ‘YES’ and if you want to fall in love with the idea of MONEY; YOU MUST ATTEND THIS PROGRAM

Date – Saturday, 11th June, 2011

Time – 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Venue – St. Francis Composite P.U. College, P.B. No. 3417, 1st Block Koramangala

Landmark: Koramangala Water Tank

Registration Fee – INR 500/- Only

CALL US for Enquiry @ 0988 012 7986

LAST DATE for registration – Thrusday, 9th June

Call Now to book your seat

How to succeed in interviews?

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You spend all your precious time and energy learning the skills that you are passionate to work on and prove your true worth to the world. However, between you and stage where you want to shine, there is a hurdle called ‘INTERVIEW’. Until you clear this hurdle, you do not even get the opportunity to prove your worth. This is painful, isn’t it?
How about attending a training of 4 hours and getting a clear vision to overcome this challenge?

This is what you can expect to Take Away from this interesting program we are running especially for Freshers (0-1 year exp)

Understanding the Organizational perspective of interviews

Getting ready with smart answers to the tricky questions that HR will put across to you

Not only will you know what questions and the answers to those but also ‘WHY’ these questions are asked, trust us, this itself gives you the power to Control the interview and Steer it in the right direction

Very few people know the power of you asking the Right Questions and the imminent damage that Wrong Questions, that you may ask, can inflict on the results of the interview

More Details

When: Friday 3rd June, 2011

Timing: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Where: Ramana Maharishi Academy for Blind,
3rd Cross, 3rd Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore – 560 078
Landmark: Opposite St Paul’s School

For Registration: Call 98801 27986 NOW!!!

Last date for registration: 2nd June, 2011

Registration fees: Rs 500 Only!

How to fast-track your career?

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• Learn how to continuously strengthen your mental muscles and get away from weak thinking patterns

• Learn the “Art of setting compelling goals” and set yourself in the path of finding your “True Identity”

• Learn to effectively work with your team manager propel your growth

• Learn secrets of Time and some efficient Time Management Tips

This is a 4:30 hour program to be conducted on Saturday (4th June, 2011)

The program involves the principals of personal growth which are evergreen and tested on people from wide range of industries.

Program Fees:

Individual: INR 1200
Group Discount:
Group of 2=2000/-
Group of 3=3000/-

Date & Time: 4th June, 2011 at 1:00 – 5:30 pm

For Registration: Call 0988 012 7986

Venue: St. Francis Composite P.U. College, P.B. No. 3417, 1st Block Koramangala

Landmark: Koramangala Water Tank

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